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Characters will begin the game as members of the Cielo 7th Drop Raiders. This is a regiment I created myself using the rule book’s regiment creation rules. While I prefer that all players simply generate a character that is native to Cielo, this need not be the case. I understand that 40k has many renown Imperial Guard regiments that people have become fans of. If a player wishes for their character to be originally from one of these famous regiments, or from a regiment they created themselves, that is acceptable (as long as the regimental creation rules were adhered to). However, we will have to figure out how to integrate your character into the Cielo regiment in terms of the benefits given by regimental doctrine. The easiest answer is simply that characters originally from a different regiment lose all their old benefits, and benefit from Cielo’s doctrines instead (just like Commissars, Storm Troopers, Ratlings, and Ogryns do).

If I had to summarize the Cielo Drop Raiders up, I would have to admit I was directly inspired by Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore’s Air Cavalry outfit from the movie Apocalypse Now. The man who infamously quoted “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” In the movie we see Kilgore playing a guitar surrounding a campfire with his men in a war zone, everyone acting as if they were at a barbecue cook-out back at home. Then we see them devastating a village from their helicopters in the sky, all the while blaring “Ride of the Valkyries” over loud speakers mounted on the helicopters. Then, after they’ve bombed the enemy into the stone age, they proceed to surf on a beach they’ve just taken, all while the enemy are still firing on them. It’s that kind of wackiness I’m going for with the Cielo Drop Raiders.

The movie scenes that inspire Cielo antics:
The initial helicopter attack scene from Apocalypse Now (Sorry for the vid quality)
Surfing in the middle of a firefight, and loving the smell of napalm in the morning

Cielo Drop Raider regimental rules

Characters belonging to the Cielo 7th Drop Raiders gain the following advantages:
Characteristic modifiers: +3 Willpower, +3 Agility, -3 Fellowship, and +3 to any one other Characteristic (player’s choice)
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (High Gothic), Operate (Aeronautica)
Starting Talents: Catfall, Die Hard, Hatred (Mutants)
Blessed Ignorance: -5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests.
Demolitions Doctrine: +10 bonus on all Logistics Tests made to obtain grenades, missiles, explosives, or special tank ammunition.
Wounds: Generate starting wounds normally.
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 M36 Lasgun and 4 charge packs, 1 suit of Imperial Guard flak armor, 1 respirator, 1 grav-chute, 2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, 1 micro-bead, 1 photo-visor, 1 grapnel, 1 survival suit (field uniform), 1 chrono, 1 dress uniform, 1 set of poor weather gear, 1 knife, 1 ruck sack, 1 set of basic tools, 1 mess kit, 1 canteen, 1 blanket, 1 sleeping bag, 1 rechargeable lamp pack, 1 grooming kit, 1 set of identification tags, 1 munitorium manual, 2 weeks worth of rations.
Chameleoline: Regiment is equipped with chameleoline, integrated into their survival suits and armor. See Chameleoline Cloak for rules (page 142).
Favoured Weapons: Grenade launcher, Missile launcher

Campaign house rules and clarifications can be found on this link.

Cielo Drop Raider Background

I’ve written up a bunch of stuff for the Cielo Drop Raiders if anybody cares to read it, but it’s not necessary for the campaign. It’s simply “fluff” so that players can get a better idea of what characters from Cielo would be like, or things a non-native to Cielo would eventually learn about them after being transferred.

Cielo Drop Raider Tactica – a description of how the Cielans fight, and their capabilities.
Drop Raider soldiers – what life is like in a Cielan regiment, in terms of roleplaying.
Cielo uniforms – An idea of what a Cielo regiment generally looks like.
Cielo culture – A description of the Cielo homeworld, and what it is like to live there.
Cielo history – How Cielo was honed into a competent war machine by necessity.

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