Drop Raider soldiers

Between missions, many Imperial Guard commanders believe the Cielans to be more undisciplined than most. This is often theorized to be a side effect of the great amount of autonomy that Cielo commanders give their guerilla fighters in the field, which means the soldiers don’t rely on their officers as much as other Guard regiments do. Many soldiers wear their uniforms in a non-standard fashion.

Cielo regiments often benefit from various luxuries being shipped to them, either from their home planet or from wherever they can find them, in order to make life just a bit more tolerable in a battle zone. Minor luxuries of all kinds sometimes make it to the troops, such as better food and entertainment devices. Cielo has also been known to allow for camp followers to accompany them as well. Cielo regiments aren’t afraid to have a bit of R&R when the situation and time permits for it, or even to break out in wild bouts of revelry upon celebration of a victory. This can lead to envy from other Guard regiments, or cozying up to the Cielo in order to join them in their more relaxed atmosphere, or downright resentfulness because of their apparent lack of discipline and order.

Cielo Regiments are often of mixed gender, though men make up the bulk of the combatants while women are more likely to serve in supporting roles (but this is not a rule). This is perhaps a byproduct of the upbringing on their homeworld, as Cielans are more accepting of outsiders than most even if the feelings aren’t mutual. When they are, though, and a troop from a different Guard regiment can find a way to transfer into the Cielo regiments, he is welcomed as one of their own and quickly taken in to be trained in the Cielo method of doing things. This is because of a Cielan belief, engrained from their history, that you can learn much from how other people do things, and so the Cielan are eager to train others in their ways as much as they are to learn how other people have fought.


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