Cielo uniforms and appearance

Cielo regiments don’t actually have strictly enforced rules and regulations regarding the wear of uniform and appearances on the battlefield (only for the parade field and formal dress-uniform occasions). They are actually more like guidelines and suggestions. While Cielo soldiers still end up looking similar to each other by virtue of being all issued the same standardized uniforms, gear, and equipment, how they wear them is usually left up to the individual.

I have no artistic ability, so the best I can do is describe to you what Cielo regiments look like – similar to the Colonial Marine Corps from the Aliens universe (except Cielans have high tech camouflage clothing). However, in contrast to that brief description as well as 40k depictions of most other Guard regiments, Cielo flak armor and helmets are designed to be less bulky and allow for more freedom of movement than most other Imperium flak suits. Their gear is also similarly smaller and less bulky.

Here’s a few pictures to draw inspiration from, but this isn’t exactly what you should expect:


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