Cielo History

Because of Cielo’s reputation as a decadent pleasure planet, it would often be the target of pirate raids. This necessitated building a strong planetary defense force (PDF), fully funded, backed, and trained by the wealthy nobles and military officers made their homes on the planet. While nothing remarkable at first, things would seriously change the day that Cielo caught the attention of the Dark Eldar.

The depraved Dark Eldar spied upon the paradise world and fell in love with what they saw. They begun to stage light raids into the planet, most of them successful because the PDF trained in standard Imperial Guard doctrine was too large and unwieldy to be able to catch the lightning-quick raids of the Dark Eldar. With each successful raid the Dark Eldar took more slaves, riches, and desired objects with them to their home world – which prompted even larger and more bolder raids back into Cielo. Eventually, it became a downright invasion of the entire planet, with the Dark Eldar claiming to whatever they could get their hands on and taking whatever they could carry back with them – and laying waste to the rest. The Cielo PDF was gradually bled dry from the raids, demoralized, and hardly able to defend itself let alone the planet they were charged with protecting. They desperately sent out a cry for help.

Help arrived in the form of an entire chapter of Space Marines landing upon the planet and wasting no time in harrying and putting a stop to multiple Dark Eldar raids. The Cielo PDF was in awe of the Space Marines ability to make such a difference across an entire planet with only 1,000 Marines. This gave the Cielo forces the opportunity to watch and study how the Space Marines fought with the ability to rapidly strike wherever they were needed. Members of the Cielo PDF volunteered to fight alongside the Marines whenever the Marines allowed them to, and heeded Marine advice in how to properly defend against such a quick enemy as the Dark Eldar. The Space Marines, when time and situation permitted, sometimes sent instructors to drill the PDF in proper rapid-response measures, and to raise civilian militia to be able to fight for themselves should a Dark Eldar raiding party come for them.

As helpful as the Space Marine chapter was, though, a planet is a large thing to defend for only 1,000 men – even the legendary Space Marines. But more help came in the form of multiple Elysian Drop Trooper Regiments who had the Imperium Navy assets capable of such a fast response, and the means with which to fight the Dark Eldar. Elysian airborne tactics were fast and swift enough to catch up to the Eldar raiding parties, and to finally put them on the defensive. Gradually, the Cielo PDF adopted the Elysian methods of warfare, coupled with instruction from Space Marine scouts, to develop their own way of fighting a war with the Dark Eldar.

Gradually, Dark Eldar raids began to cost them more than they were able to plunder from the planet, so with that realization, the constant raids and piracy gradually died down and came to an end when it was no longer worth it to invade a planet that had the means and capabilities to take more from the Dark Eldar than the Dark Eldar could take from Cielo. Cielo’s PDF had permanently changed into a force that favored the rapid-strike capabilities that the Space Marines, Elysians, and even the Dark Eldar had shown them. With the wholehearted backing of Cielo’s rich noble populace, and influence of those ranking Imperium officials who made Cielo their home, Cielan began to produce the vast fleets of aircraft and spacecraft that would be the mainstay of their forces from then on.

The Cielan Drop Raiders were born. Like their Dark Eldar adversaries, they learned the value in gradually bleeding an opponent dry before closing in for the kill. When deployed to distant battlefront by Imperium mandate, they still prefer their own guerrilla tactics to most other methods, leaving the large sweeping advances to other Imperial Guard regiments more suited to that kind of conventional strategy.


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