The thing that distinguishes the Drop Raiders from your usual Imperial Guard regiment is how decentralized they are. This is because of their preferred strategy of using air mobile guerrilla tactics to gradually wear down an enemy until a larger force can arrive en-masse to take advantage of the weakened enemy. They often insert small units of well-equipped guerrilla fighters behind enemy lines via aircraft, and those units will proceed to raid any targets of opportunity they are able to in order to cause disruption within enemy ranks and leave the enemy more vulnerable to being attacked by more conventional Imperial Guard forces.

Cielo Raiders gained a lot of their current tactical doctrine by training with Elysian Drop Troop Regiments, since the planets Elysia and Cielo are rather close to each other. But while Elysians orient themselves more towards ship-boarding procedures, Cielo has chosen to refine their planet-based warfare with a strong emphasis on small unit guerrilla tactics. Cielo troopers usually issue chameleoline uniforms and flak armor to their guerrilla soldiers in order to aid them in camouflage and concealment so that they have an advantage towards ambushing and then escaping. They also make heavy use of explosives, which are distributed liberally throughout the ranks, because of the vast amount of ways a guerrilla fighter may employ them to trap or sabotage heavier enemy forces (such as tanks).

The troops on the ground have a dizzying amount of support from aircraft and orbiting spacecraft as well. Cielo guerrillas sometimes never fire a shot, instead opting to simply to locate an entrenched enemy and then relay their coordinates for a well-placed airstrike, orbital bombardment, or artillery support if it is available to them. Unlike most other Imperial Guard forces who have a distaste for retreat, the Cielo emphasis on guerrilla tactics coupled with rapid air mobility means they make great use of “hit and run” tactics since they are able to rapidly redeploy elsewhere on the battlefield once they have disengaged.


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