Cielo culture

Cielo Raiders are often given a bunch of guff by other more renown Imperial Guard regiments because of their origins: Cielo is an Imperial “Garden World” located in the same sector as Holy Terra (a Garden World is the polite name for a “Paradise” or “Pleasure” planet). Cielo’s main attraction is tourism the whole world over. The environment is clean, picturesque, and perfect for a vacation anywhere you go: The warm sandy beaches in the tropics, skiing in the colder more mountainous snowy environments, or even to just do some hiking around a more temperate woods. There are portions of the planet where the weather is nice all year round, to the point where there is no need for air conditioning or heating. Cielo does possess more “built up” areas with cities based largely on the tourist trade: casinos, vast shopping districts, cultural centers hosting more artistic endeavors (such as art galleries, theaters, and concert halls), and even sanctioned “red light” districts.

Cielo’s industrial needs are provided for by an orbiting moon that is utterly rich in minerals. Most Cielo industry is located on this moon that has a hazardous atmosphere, thereby sparing Cielo itself from any major pollution while providing a strong manufacturing base. Being located so close to Holy Terra, Cielo has managed to lure in many technological secrets from those who possess them and still have a taste for more worldly pleasures that Cielo can provide. Thus, Cielo is also a chief manufacturer and exporter of these high tech goods, which they also make a lot of use of for themselves.

Because all these factors, Cielo has attracted a downright startling amount of wealthy visitors from all over the sector, even from Holy Terra. All manner of powerful, wealthy, influential people have made homes on Cielo: nobles of major houses, planetary governors, Imperial Guard commanders, high ranking members of the Ecclesiarchy, rogue traders, chartist Captains, and just the downright filthy rich. This much power and influence all gathered onto one planet has been a major boon to Cielo.

All Cielo citizens are brought up to complement the pleasant atmosphere around them. Physical exercise is a priority all throughout a growing child’s schooling years so that even the local populace are as pleasant to look at as the vibrant environment that surrounds them. Cosmetic surgery is also widely available and subsidized by the planetary government. Entire populations are brought up to become artists, musicians, actors, or to produce other forms of entertainment. The excuse for this is so that all of Cielo’s people become more cultured individuals, but the open secret among the rulers of the planet is it’s just so that the Cielan people are just plain more fun to be around.

It’s because of the overly-pampered nature that nearly the entire populace experiences is why those who were born and raised on Cielo are looked down upon as being too “soft” compared to the rest of the Imperium, where many of had to toil in harsh conditions just to eke out a living. Some have become jealous or even resentful of those who have lived on Cielo, and refuse to believe any genuine accomplishment the people of Cielo have managed wasn’t in some way influenced by high-born wealth and prestige. It’s for this reason, and the fact that Cielo is indeed just a nicer place to live than the vast majority of the rest of the galaxy is why Cielans are loathe to ever leave their world. If they must, they usually seek a way to return home eventually.


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