Juri Havelock



Juri Havelock
Cielo Drop Raiders
Obsessive, Lucky
COMRADE: Paddy O’Paddington, Oblivious

ws 32
bs 42(3 regimental bonus)
s 31
t 35(rerolled, first result 1
ag 48(3 regimental bonus, +5 operator bonus)
int 34
per 34
wp 33(
3 regimental bonus)
fel 34(-3 regimental penalty, +3 Medal bonus)
wounds: 7
fate: 1

Common Lore(imp creed, Imperium, Tech, Adeptus Mechanicus)(Known)
Linguistics(High Gothic)(Known)
Operatre(Air, Surface)(Known)

Die Hard
Technical Knock
Weapon Training(Las, Low-tech)
rapid reload
hotshot pilot
lightning reflexes

aptitude: BS, Ag, Fel, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Tech

2300 awarded, 2300 spent
Navigate(surface)(known)- 100
Common lore Admech(known)- 200
rapid reload- 200
hotshot pilot- 300
lightning reflexes- 200
tech use+10- 200
trade(armourer)(known)- 100
trade(armourer)(trained)- 200
BS advance(simple)- 250
Agi advance(simple)- 250
Peer(PDF)- 300

1 sword
1 knife
1 M36 Lasgun and 4 charge packs
1 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades

1 survival suit (field uniform)
1 suit of Imperial Guard flak armor
1 respirator
1 rechargeable lamp pack
1 micro-bead
1 photo-visor
1 combi-tool
1 grapnel
1 chrono

1 ruck sack
1 Lascutter
1 Auspex
1 Data-slate
1 set of poor weather gear
1 mess kit
1 canteen
1 blanket
1 sleeping bag
1 grooming kit
1 set of identification tags
1 munitorium manual
1 set of basic tools
2 weeks worth of rations

1 grav-chute
1 dress uniform


Juri Havelock comes from a long line of Techpriests, and under slightly different circumstances would have become one herself, but when the young man she loved was conscripted into the Imperial Guard she volunteered in order to pursue him, abandoning her future in the Adeptus Mechanicus.

As expected from her upbringing Havelock has always been techsmart, and still retains many of the rites and procedures necessary to ensure the cooperation of the machine spirits, although she often has arguments with the techpriests of her regiment, many have come to see her as a valued liaison between them and the guardsmen, and by extension a great way to keep at least a few of the ignorant dogfaces from tampering with the omnisiah’s blessing. in the field she’s often considered the next-best thing to a techpriest, although troopers and techpriests agree it’s best for everyone to keep the specialty tools away from her. When not in the field Havelock can always be found either climbing around on her sentinel in her constant quest to find and correct deficiencies, helping the techpriests in their various duties or joining them in their worship of the omnisiah, or picking though the various scrap yards for components and parts to add to the capabilities of her precious machine.

Another quirk of her AdMech upbringing is her obsessive tinkering and affinity for her machine. In battle she seems to operate it as if she were a rough rider atop her mount, appearing to let the sentinel find the best paths to take. She claims to be able to feel the ground beneath the machine’s feet, and that she has the ability to know what is wrong with the various systems by simply listening to the sounds it makes. True or not, trooper Havelock has earned a reputation as one of the most talented sentinel pilots in her scout platoon. For Trooper Havelock, The first order of business before, after, and at any free moment during every mission is to track down and correct any deficiencies found in her machine and other mechanical equipment.

More infamous than her tech-related hijinx is her almost supernatural luck. through no effort on her part, and by simple coincidence, Havelock has escaped death dozens of times. During her first combat engagement her grav chute malfunctioned, leading her to require medical evacuation for a broken leg; as she recovered behind the lines her squadron was wiped out. Two months later she was denied tram passage back to her unit due to a clerical error by a perfectionist munitorium clerk, and the very tram she was to take was derailed by heretic forces en rout, killing all aboard. It has become standard practice for Havelock’s current squadron leader to Keep her around at all costs.

Juri Havelock

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