Alanos Turingel


Character Name Alanos Turingel
Regiment Cielo Drop Raider
Speciality Tech-Priest Enginseer
Demeanour Psycho
Wounds 10
Fate 1

Servitor Designation “FourDee” AdMech Designation “4d 75 72 64 65 72 61 74 6f 72”


Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Tech, Toughness, Weapon Skill, Willpower

-100 for Logic (Known)
-100 for Scholastic Lore (Known) (Cryptology)
-100 for Commerce (Known)
+300 Awarded for Character Bio
-100 for Char. Adv (Simple) (Int)
-200 for Skill Adv (Trained) (Tech Use)
-200 for Skill Adv (Trained) (Commerce)
-300 for Comrade Advance (Field Repairs)


Weapon Skill 20
Ballistic Skill 20
Strength 30
Toughness 35
Agility 33
Intelligence 50
Perception 35
Willpower 33
Fellowship 43 (Medal of things. And intelligence.)


Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech, Imperial Creed, Imperium) (Known)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) (Known)
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) (Known)
Tech-Use (Trained)
Linguistics (High Gothic) (Known)
Operate (Aeronautica) (Known)
Logic (Known)
Commerce (Trained)


Technical Knock
Mechanadendrite Use (Weapon, Utility)
Weapon Training (Las, Power)
Die Hard
Hatred (Mutants)
Field Repairs (Companion may independently perform tech use tests on anything near it at a -10 penalty)


Mechanicus Implants
Blessed Ignorance (-5 to all Forbidden Lore tests)
Demolitions (10 to Logistics tests for explosives)
Winning at everything (
5 to Logistics)

1 Sacred Unguents
1 Dataslate
1 Combi-tool
1 Good Craftsmanship Utility Mechadendrite (Mechadendrite, Utility choice)
1 Good Craftsmanship Locator Matrix
1 Good Craftsmanship Luminen Capacitors
1 Good Craftsmanship MIU
1 Munitorium Manual
2 Weeks of Rations
1 Chameleoline
1 Rechargable Lamp Pack
1 Ruck Sack
2 Basic Tools
1 Mess Kit
1 Canteen
1 M36 Lasgun
4 Charge Packs
1 Flak Armor
1 Respirator
1 Grav-Chute
2 Frag Grenades
2 Smoke Grenades
1 Micro Bead
1 Photo Visor
1 Grapnel
1 Survival Suit
1 Chrono
1 Knife
1 Blanket
1 Dress Uniform
1 Grooming Kit
1 ID tags
1 Sleeping Bag
1 Poor Weather Gear

2 Det Charges (COMMUNAL)


“These repairs will require some time.”

Alanos Turingel, Techpriest of Mars, Enginseer of the Adeptus Mechanus.

Like most Tech-Priests, Alanos is not a native of the regiment with which he serves. His recent transfer to the Cielo’s 7th was as mysterious as it was sudden, bringing few answers and a disinclination to discuss his recent past. Alanos was known to discuss freely the approved wisdom and knowledge of the Omnissiah, and the dangers of making modifications to the equipment He so benevolently provided through the great Forge Worlds of the sector.

In truth, the Enginseer seemed agreeable, perhaps even personable when compared to other Tech Priests of the regiment, or even most startlingly, more than many of the human members of the squad. Some, safely away from the augmented hearing of the mechanically inclined man, whispered perhaps there was some nefarious reason behind his apparent attractiveness, some manner of techno-sourcery perhaps.

His tools hung from his belt, always maintained in gleaming readiness to make haste to the aid of an onerous Machine Spirit, to soothe the Spirit, and to placate it that it might continue to function in the service of the Omnissiah. The customary red robes of his faith, torn and poorly mended near his feet, were stained with countless and unknowable oils, lubricants, and other, less identifiable fluids.

A small glimpse into his true nature was provided when one unfortunate aeronautica operator sought to augment His Holy Engineering with the addition of an unauthorized auspex to a Valkyrie’s control board. Upon the landing of the craft, Alanos utilized a mechanadendrite to remove the auspex and implant it into a “more suitable location”, placing the offending guardsman into medicae care for the better part of four weeks. He had apologized informally to the guardsman’s commanding officer, though the sincerity of the apology left much in doubt. Alanos continued to urge other guardsmen not to risk the wrath of the Omnissiah by supplanting His engineering with their own.

Alanos Turingel

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